24/04/12 – The 1st Inter-Regional Agora. Post #9 by Cristina

It is particularly difficult to describe the feelings that inhabit you when you hear or say “Inter- Regional Agora”; especially when you have witnessed and experienced it. Well, let me try with a short list of words that got carved forever in my memory. If I ever get a chance to hear them again, they will definitely ring a Swiss Agora Bell in my mind:

   – I made a mistake!

   – The Rover Snowman…

   – Scouting = Continue reading

12/04/12 – My expectations. Post #8 by Mitchel

D-5… before the 1st Inter-Regional Agora!

The Inter-Regional Agora… Switzerland, lots of Rovers from over 20 countries, lots of fun, many different cultures and customs… In 3 words: a wonderful experience! What makes it even better is that we’re going to talk and learn from one another, we’ll discuss about organizing activities for Rovers in our NSAs, promoting them… Could peer-to-peer communication be an important link/tool?

My name is Mitchel Eijkemans, I’m 18 years old and I am a Rover in the Netherlands. I will be one among the many Rovers that will be participating in the Agora. I am looking forward to meeting you all! I hope I’ll learn a lot to bring back to my NSA but my greatest wish is that we will have an amazing time together and to discover what Scouting means in other countries. Finally, be sure that Continue reading

31/03/2012 – Coming Together. Post #7 by Niels

In less than a month, the 1st Inter-Regional Agora will be over. That means that in the coming weeks, lots of things will come together. A little bit like a puzzle being finally realized.

For example, all the different parts of the programme will come together. In fact, for the past few weeks, the 4 members of the Planning Team have worked on different parts of the programme. We designed the programme and split-up the work during our meeting in Copenhagen in January. This does not mean that we have not been communicating since then; but there are definitely 4 blocks coming and being articulated together. One on Citizenship, one on Youth Participation, one on Project Management and one linking all of them enhancing the exchange between the participants, the international dimension, etc.

Many Skype meetings and even more e-mail conversations have happened since Copenhagen to make sure that all the parts of the programme would come together and fit perfectly to reach our goals. Hours of work, sweat, energy and love will come together in a nice, challenging and fresh programme.

But there are more “coming togethers”: the 52 participants, their Continue reading

18/02/2012 – NEWS after Application Deadline. Post #6 by Vincent

Dear all,

As some of you might know, we have been contacted before the application deadline (Feb. 17th 00:00) by nearly 28 countries sending more than 45 applications forms or promising applications (and registering them beforehands) before next Monday 20th evening. On Wednesday evening the Planning Team will meet and select among the candidatures the future participants. Consequently, by the end of next week, the Acceptance Letters will be sent.

If you did not receive any Acceptance Letter yet (as it was first suggested to have them sent out on February 17th), do not worry and Continue reading

29/01/2012 – Applications + Spread the Word! Post #5 by Ciara

Hi All, 
This is a quick reminder from us the planning team to get your applications in, and please don’t leave it to the last minute. Today is now the 29th of January, so you have plenty of time to send them to us (read our previous blog post for details on how to do this). As the organisers, we are very excited to read your applications and get more of a glimpse of how Agora 2012 is going to be. Please remember that Continue reading

20/01/2012 – Schedule and news post-Copenhagen by Vincent. Post #4

Dear all,

          Two weeks ago, the planning team was in Copenhagen (Denmark) to work on a detailed schedule for the Inter-Regional Agora. From Thursday the 5th of January to Sunday the 8th, Ciara, Emil, Niels and I brainstormed, building on our past experiences, the objectives of the 1st Inter-Regional Agora as well as our readings on Citizenship, Youth Participation and Project Management. 3 months before the Agora, things are getting very well prepared and even if the schedule might slightly change, I am very glad to introduce to our future participants as well as their sending National Scout Associations this SCHEDULE (click on the link).

          Moreover, for those of you that will participate to the Agora, we are glad to share with you one of the few things that you will be asked to Continue reading

30/12/2011 – Emil proudly presents our promotion video! Post #3

          Hello everyone. Even though it’s holiday season, we’re still working on the Agora to make it even more awesome than previous years.

          To help us in the promotion of the event, we asked a former Agora participant from Slovakia, Tomáš Kučo, to help us. He made a great video that we would like to share with you. So please watch it and share it with all the Rovers you know, to spread the word… 🙂

          This is probably our last post for 2011, but we wish you a happy new year, and will be back with even more news in the time to come.

          Emil, Denmark.

17/12/2011 – Vincent says “finally” on behalf of the PT! Post #2

          Salve Amigos! December 17th, 2011… Done!   XD

    You can now ask your national team (International Commissioner / Rover Commissioner) to candidate and represent your National Scout Association during the 1st Inter-Regional Agora: an event for Rovers, by Rovers! The documents we sent them yesterday are also available here (see the page “Invitation to NSAs!”) online but your candidature has to be supported by your Scout Association.

          We are looking forward to meeting you and we wish you all an amazing Christmas as well as our best wishes for 2012. 2012 is going to be a great year and I have no doubt that the 1st Inter-Regional Agora can make it even more gorgeous! Just so you want to apply (before February 16th, 2012) I can give you right now a little glimpse of what it’s going to be like: 45 rovers aged 16-22 coming from 35-45 different countries (Europe, Eurasia, North-Africa…), 4 full days and 5 nights in the middle of the mountains with the Pinkies of the Kandersteg International Scout Centre, a Scout experience designed precisely for you to go back home empowered, inspired, even more motivated… Citizenship, Democracy, Human Rights… Youth Participation & Involvement to decision-making… Talent Show, Videos, Hiking… International Evening… Project management, tackling scout issues, finding funds…Wowww! 😉

          I feel frustrated because Continue reading

23/11/2011 – Ciara: Hello all and welcome to our first blog post.

          I am writing to you on behalf of the planning team which consists of Vincent, Niels, Emil and myself Ciara. Vincent and Niels participated to the Agora in 2010 and were on the planning team for 2011. Emil and I were participants in 2011. Together we are all very excited to be planning what will be the very 1st Inter-Regional Agora this April 2012.

          You ask what is this Agora. Agora is Continue reading