Studying abroad is a great way of improving your language skills, exploring a different culture and hooking up with people in other countries. It looks good on your CV too. Education systems and qualifications vary quite a lot across the EU, but that needn’t stop you from joining the growing numbers of students who study in other EU countries. Find out here what opportunities are open to you…

AEGEE Europe
AEGEE (the European students’ forum) is one of Europe’s largest interdisciplinary student associations. Its site covers a wide range of topics: cultural exchange, a European dimension in higher education, international politics, human rights, sustainable development and IT. [EN]

Braintrack University Index
Links to universities, polytechnics, colleges and other higher education institutions in 170 countries. [EN]

Information for students who are thinking about studying for undergraduate, graduate or professional qualifications in the United States. [EN]

Erasmus Student Network
If you’re thinking about studying abroad, this Europe-wide student organisation provides useful information and the chance to hook up with students from all over Europe. [EN]

Erasmus One
A site by Erasmus students for Erasmus students (and others). Find Erasmus students, keep in touch with old Erasmus friends and meet new ones. [EN]

European pre-and post-doctorate research fellowships
Useful information for all young researchers looking to participate in European programmes. Find out about European research fellowships and grants. [EN]

Education and training at the European level
See what the European Commission is doing on education and training – programmes, policies, documents and news. [EN][FR][DE]

Education for Europe
Information on the Council of Europe’s education-related activities. Consult the newsletter or calendar for the latest developments. [EN][FR]

Educational publications
Downloadable brochures, leaflets, videos and studies relating to education and training in Europe. [EN][FR][DE]
A handy but comprehensive guide to recognition of courses and qualifications in European countries. [EN]

Guide to European education systems, from Albania to Uzbekistan. A rich source of information to help students choose the right course. [EN]

Hobsons: education gateway
Rich source of information on studying all over the world. Under Study Europe you can search for courses, international programmes, language schools. You will find as well information on various higher educational institutions in Europe. [EN]

Integrated Reporting for International Students
Planning to study abroad and want find out more about universities, cities and countries? This site has information, reviews and students’ reports on universities throughout Europe. [EN]

International Education Site
Information, advice and a guide to opportunities for students worldwide who are considering studying overseas. Includes guidance on universities, search facilities, student profiles, and articles from leading journals on international education. [EN]

Ploteus: Portal on Learning Opportunities
Throughout the European Space A wide range of useful information for international students: from information on higher education institutions to working as a student and the cost of student life throughout Europe.

Recognition of diplomas in the European Union
Information on the European credit transfer system (ECTS) and how to make sure your qualifications are recognized in other countries (diploma supplement). [EN][FR][DE][IT][ES]

Study in Europe
The site provides up-to-date information on thirty-two european countries, their universities and what it takes to live and study in any of these countries. [AR][ZH][EN][FR][PT][RU][ES]
A useful tool for finding study-abroad programmes. You can search by academic year/semester, language, subject… Or use the country homepages to find information. Summer courses available too. [EN]

UNESCO: Studying Abroad
A site exclusively aimed at studying abroad: education systems, recognition, fellowships and other useful information. Check out the “UNESCO international guide to higher-education study opportunities” and scholarships offered by higher education institutions and international organisations in 129 countries. [EN]
Everything a student needs to know about studying in another country. Get information on the coutry you’re interested in and its educational institutions, funding and practical matters like accommodation and health. [EN][FR][ES]

WorldWide Classroom
A international resource – information on programmes, institutions and student services worldwide. [EN]

iAgora Erasmus and study abroad information resource
Going to study abroad and looking for practical advice? Read about the experiences of students who’ve taken part in ERASMUS, CEMS and other international exchanges. Or join the iAgora student community. [EN]

Non-formal learning

Easy-to-use database containing information on non-formal education in Europe. Addresses of organisations and institutions. [EN]

Alison: Advance Learning Interactive Systems
Online Free interactive learning resource with certification. Anyone can access the site, log in and educate themselves. [EN]

BBC online courses
Courses on everything from the Internet to the oceans, the BBC has a host of online courses. Learn at your own pace. [EN]

Color youth web
A wide range of online cultural courses – interactive training designed with young people in mind. [EN]

Council of Europe
Free educational publications aimed at youth workers. Available online or for downloading. [EN][FR]

E-learning Europe
A wealth of information on the use of multimedia technologies and the Internet for education, training and lifelong learning in Europe. Examples of non-formal learning projects.
Doing research for an assignment or a school project, or just curious? This site has over 57,000 frequently updated articles from the Columbia Encyclopaedia. Free access. [EN]

European Computer Driving License
The European computer driving licence is evidence of all those IT skills you’ve picked up. This site will point you to the nearest test centre. [AR][ZH][EN][RU][ES]

European Training Calendar
Involved in international youth work and interested in upgrading your skills? Search for training opportunities by time period, type of activity or country. Detailed information about courses for EuroMed youth workers. [EN]

European Youth Centres
Information on Council of Europe training courses for young people and youth workers. Downloadable PDF and Word application forms. [EN][FR]

European Youth Forum
Information about the recognition of non-formal education in Europe. Studies and reports that show how youth organisations are contributing to non-formal education. [EN]

Ploteus: Portal on Learning Opportunities Throughout the European Space
A database of non-formal learning opportunities in European countries. Search for courses by country in the further education and training section.

Rhiz.Eu: discover, share, play
This site is for people with an interest in art and culture, in Europe and beyond – artists, journalists, filmmakers, writers, photographers, funders, arts organisations and others. Find people and cultural organisations, get in touch with like-minded others, showcase your work and share ideas and experiences. [EN]

The Transfine project is about transfers between formal, informal and non-formal education, involving various European partners. [EN][FR]

Well-structured and easy-to-understand online web-building tutorials – from basic HTML to more advanced websites with graphics and multimedia. [EN]

A free, open-content encyclopaedia, with articles in many languages. Read it, edit it, write it! [CS][NL][EN][FR][DE][IT][PL][PT][ES][SV]

A large directory of online courses, accredited online degrees, continuing education and online training. You will find learning resources in 207 subject areas provided by educational institutions, companies and individuals. [EN][ES]
A meeting place for young people with interactive learning projects and activities. Join the youth net life-long learning programme – classes are free, you just need to register.

[Source: European Youth Portal]



Learn about your rights and options in relation to work in your own country or abroad. Be prepared for the unexpected differences in application procedures between your home country and the host country. Access the information related to working issues, employment promotion, laws, recruitment processes, CV tips, work permits, practical guides, tests and advice that you need to be successful in the working world!

Activities of the European Union: employment
This is the starting point for information about employment at a European level. You will find information on different aspects: laws and treaties, policies, statistics, fact sheets, publications, etc. [CS][DA][NL][EN][ET][FI][FR][DE][EL][HU][IT][LV][LT][MT][PL][PT][SK][SL][ES][SV]

Embassy World
Absolutely all of the world’s embassies and consulates in a searchable database! [EN]

Employment & the European Social Fund
This fund provides the means to achieve the objectives of the European Employment Strategy: to protect and promote employment, and to combat unemployment, discrimination and social exclusion. Have a look at what it has been achieved in your country! [BG][CS][DA][NL][EN][ET][FI][FR][DE][EL][HU][GA][IT][LV][LT][MT][PL][PT][RO][SK][SL][ES][SV]

Employment and social affairs
Overview of the European Commission’s work on employment policy. Read here the European employment strategy, analysis, information on issues related to labour laws, health and safety at work, free movement of workers, work organizations, social security, reports and pilot projects. [DA][NL][EN][FI][FR][DE][EL][IT][PT][ES][SV]

Employment opportunities in international organizations
If you are interested in working in a European or international organization, have a look at this overview of possibilities. [EN][FR]

European Employment Services
Visit the EURES site of the European Commission to access information on finding jobs abroad, and living and working conditions in other European countries. You can also find contact details of EURES advisers in your country who can help you. [BG][CS][DA][NL][EN][ET][FI][FR][DE][EL][HU][GA][IT][LV][LT][MT][PL][PT][RO][SK][SL][ES][SV]

Expertise in Labour Mobility
Are you up for a challenge? Would you like to meet new people, experience other cultures, become a global citizen? Then, consider working abroad for a while! Practical tips, guides, tools and tests to check your successful expatriate skills. You will also find several useful links. [EN]

This exchange programme between the European Regions allows young people to benefit from a vocational training course in a foreign business.

Free movement of people and individual rights
This webpage of the European Commission will provide the information you need if you want your diploma to be recognised in another country (qualifications), to get social security coverage in another EU country, and more. You can find links to useful contacts and resources, and to a free signpost. [BG][EN][FR][DE]

Whether you are a student or a gap year traveller, you can find what you need on casual work abroad, in Australia and Europe. Working holiday visas, gap years, seasonal work, travel insurance, flights, city maps and health matters are all covered. [EN]

Igenius – Amazing people doing amazing things!
Igenius is a worldwide community of social entrepreneurs. It links businesses, charities and not-for-profit organisations whose primary focus is social welfare. Through this site they aim to inform, promote their work and inspire a new generation to become social entrepreneurs. [EN]

International Labour Organization
Promoting social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights. [EN][FR][ES]

Leonardo da Vinci Programme
Links policy to practice in the field of vocational education and training. Projects range from those giving individuals the chance to improve their competences, knowledge and skills through a period abroad, to Europe-wide co-operation between training organisations.

Mutual Recognition of Qualifications from the Europa website
You can find a list of law texts on professional qualification recognition and the list of contact points for professional recognition in the Member States. Check out the guide for users of the general system for the recognition of professional qualifications. [EN][FR][DE]

Recruitment website of the European Commission
On this site you will find information on career opportunities in the European Commission. Your visit will take you through the application process, answer your most common questions, and tell you where to get more information. [EN][FR][DE]
Immigration guides, work permit services, advice for people living and working abroad, CV tips and other related issues available from this page. Opportunity to register free of charge with its employment centre! [EN]

Your Europe
It gives you practical information on your rights and opportunities in the EU and its Internal Market and advice on how to exercise these rights in practice. For example, you can learn more about living, working and studying in another EU country. [BG][CS][DA][NL][EN][ET][FI][FR][DE][EL][HU][IT][LV][LT][MT][PL][PT][SK][SL][ES][SV] Traineeships
Interested in gaining working experience in economics and management abroad? This global student network provides you with international exchange opportunities and helps with applying for work placement in the country of your choice. Join the network to enrich your study experience! [EN]

Agricultural traineeships worldwide. Information about internship programmes, how to apply and where to go. Some basic information is available in English. [FR]

If gaining some valuable work experience before finishing your studies sounds good to you, check here for internships in France and for exchange and work placement programmes in Europe and overseas. Find tips on writing your CV and motivation letter before applying! [FR]

Council of Europe
Everything you need to know about the traineeship programme at the Council of Europe. Application form to download. [EN][FR]

European Law Students’ Association
Studying law and wanting work experience abroad? Find out here about the student trainee exchange programme run by the world’s largest independent law students’ association. ELSA has around 450 traineeship places each year, throughout and occasionally outside Europe. [EN]

A source for international internships. Search for paid and volunteer, academic and non-academic internships and work programmes around the world.

Internship programme of UNICEF
For graduate and post-graduate students at both UNICEF headquarters and country offices, for a period of six to 16 weeks. Find information about eligibility criteria and a PDF application form to download.

Internship programme of the United Nations Secretariat in New York
Find out about this programme for graduate and post-graduate students. The website provides detailed information about eligibility criteria, the application procedure, internship conditions and visa requirements. Application form in French and English to download.

Internship with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
This internship programme is aimed at graduate students and is intended to increase the intern’s understanding of current human rights issues at the international level. You can obtain an application form online. [EN]

Looking to gain professional experience in the USA? You can participate in a training program with a US company in a position related to your field of study. Use this site to research employers in your industry and learn about taxes, health, safety and how to write an American style resume. Find out what past participants have to say about the programmes!

Internships in Argentina and Chile
Southern Cone Internships gives students the opportunity for professional work experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina or Santiago, Chile. Internships are unpaid positions and require completion of at least two years of university studies. [EN]

Internships with international organizations
Rich directory of links to current traineeships announcements and internships programmes within international, intergovernmental and some nongovernmental organisations worldwide. [EN]

Search for internships opportunities in Europe and worldwide. Find traineeships matching your qualifications and interests. Search by industry and location or link to a country’s local Jobpilot portal in the national language. [EN]

Procter and Gamble European Internships
This company offers internships across Europe throughout the year and during the summer to students from different disciplines and backgrounds that are in their last or second-to-last year of study. [EN]

Traineeships in Brussels
Links to Brussels-based organisations offering internships in Brussels and elsewhere on a regular basis. Non-governmental organisations, consultancies, industry associations, think tanks, international organisations, etc. [EN]

Traineeships with EU institutions
Interested in gaining work experience within the European Commission? Check this site for traineeship links to different Commission institutions and the European Parliament, and find out how to obtain a traineeship in the institution of your choice. [CS][DA][NL][EN][ET][FI][FR][DE][EL][HU][IT][LV][LT][MT][PL][PT][SK][SL][ES][SV]

World Bank
Opportunities for graduate and postgraduate students to gain work experience within one of World Bank internships programmes.,,contentMDK:20515785~m [EN] Finding a job
Anywhere Jobs ads and resources for working and travelling in the UK and worldwide. Source of useful information on where to find out about visa and insurance needs, tax refunds etc. [EN]

EURES: The European Job Mobility Portal
Job search database run by the Inter-European Government Employment Service lists job vacancies all over Europe. Source of information on finding jobs abroad, trends in the European labour market, and living and working conditions in European countries (to be added soon).〈=en&catId=482&parentCategor

This site can help you find a job in Brussels, the EU institutions, or other international organisations. Search for current vacancies in industry associations, EU institutions, law firms, international organisations, NGOs and political organisations, academic institutions, universities, business schools and think tanks. Useful tips on where to look to a job. [EN]

A business directory. You can search this site for contact details to various companies. It could be a good starting point to get informed in the industry of your interest before applying for a job!

Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Whether you are planning to enrol in an education or training programme, looking for a job, or getting experience abroad, it is important to be able to make your skills and competences clearly understood. The Europass CV enables you to make your skills and qualifications visible, and other Europass documents can be attached to the CV.

Holiday Resort Jobs
On-line directory of employment opportunities for anyone seeking seasonal employment for summer and winter at a holiday resort. The directory covers seasonal work in all kinds of employment sectors, including childcare/nannies, chalet staff, bar staff, drivers, catering staff and customer services assistants. [EN]

Jobs in the not-for-profit sector, including social, educational and human rights organisations worldwide [EN][FR][ES]

International job links
Search job vacancies worldwide or post your CV online. A large directory of sites where you can seek opportunities, from temporary appointments to government jobs. Select a region and an area; the result gives you links by country, comments on the jobs databases and search engines, and the languages in which they are available. [EN]

Job hunting abroad
A source if information on the living, working and cultural differences you should bear in mind when moving and looking for a job in another European country. Check the country guides for practical cultural management and job hunting information on more than 40 countries. [EN]

Jobpilot Search
Europe’s career market on the Internet. You can find job opportunities that match your qualifications and interests. Explore by industry, location and type of employment: e.g. graduate jobs and entry-level positions. Choose a country and link to the local Jobpilot portal in the national language. [CZ][NL][EN][FR][DE][HU][IT][PL]

A source for open positions worldwide. Search by your intended destination. [EN]

Search engine for jobs in Europe and overseas. Find over 140 company profiles, as well as a guide for CV preparation, cover letter writing, and even hints and tips for resigning from your current job. Choose your home country to be linked to the site in the national language. [EN]

Opportunities at international organizations
This site links you directly to available job announcements by international and intergovernmental organisations. You can search for the desired organisation on the alphabetical list or by activities. [EN]

If you like the idea of a summer job outdoors, this is the place to find fruit picking jobs, other seasonal farm work, and alternative outdoor vacation opportunities! You get to work in the sunshine, earn a bit of money, and meet lots of like-minded people. [EN]

STA Travel
Get paid to play and work as a camp counsellor in the USA, teach in Korea, or even pull pints. Read on for some truly amazing ways to work your way around the world. [EN]

Still looking for a job this summer? Find opportunities in Europe and all over the world on this site! Features employment with camps, parks, resorts, hotels, and other seasonal businesses. Useful information on how to get started, resources and advice. [EN]

The Frontier Club
Assistance in finding work abroad: cruise ships, seasonal work, conservation jobs, work camps, teaching, ski resorts, gap year and summer jobs. [EN]

Working in international organizations
Links to job sites at a wide range of international organisations in Europe and overseas. [EN][FR]

Just graduated and looking for a first job? Search for entry-level and other jobs at this site and find offers all over the European Union organised by location, industry and function. You can also register to receive job and internship opportunities by email. [EN] Au pair
Au Pair Box
There is nothing simpler! Just fill in the form you need under “Family registration” or “Au pair registration”, and send it through the Internet. A chatroom and a forum where you can exchange your experiences are also available. [EN][FR][DE][ES]

Au Pair Search
Register as an au pair, host family or au pair agency anywhere in the world and seek a suitable match online. Advice on work permits and letters of offer, discussion forum and airfares. [EN][FR][DE][ES]

Aupair World
The most popular au pair job database on the Internet! Free registration for au pairs and families. Having registered, you can directly contact your preferred au pair or family anywhere in the world [NL][EN][FR][DE][IT]

Search the worldwide directory of au pairs and host families for free. Au pairs and host families can register for the database and upload pictures. [EN]

Find Au Pair
Site matching au pairs and families from around the world. Discussion forum, visa information and frequently asked questions. [EN]

International Au Pair Association
Do you want to work as an au pair abroad? Check this site: it provides lists of au pair services with guidelines and gives you access to a network of professional organisations dealing with these cultural exchange programmes. There is also a broad section dedicated to host families. [EN][FR][DE][RU][ES]

Planet Au Pair
Take the opportunity to experience European and Canadian cultures within the safe and secure environment of a European or Canadian host family. Programmes, application procedures and all practical information. [EN][ES] [Source: European Youth Portal]



Interested in learning new skills while helping others? Volunteering introduces you to new people and cultures, giving you invaluable experience that will enhance or influence your future career.
You can do it abroad or nearer to home. The websites listed on this page will open your eyes to the many European and international opportunities for volunteer work that exist: European Voluntary Service (EVS), Youth Exchanges and Work Camps.
European Voluntary Service

Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations
This group represents national bodies that run international voluntary projects. The site includes a detailed presentation of the network and a useful list of its members. [EN]

EVS Community
The virtual meeting place for all European volunteers. Here you can find EVS volunteers and volunteering projects in the country where you are planning to go. With news and information on the European Voluntary Service and the Future Capital. (Registration required if you want to interact with the other volunteers or view their personal page.) [EN]

EVS guide
Explains what EVS is and how it works and raises some questions for you to think about before applying. The site will help you prepare mentally for a stay abroad and give some practical hints and tips. [EN]

EVS: Application Forms
Whether you are a volunteer or a host organisation, you will find all the necessary application forms (pdf or word) to apply for an EVS programme. [EN]

EVS: Background
Read more about the history: how and when the European Voluntary Service project started and the decisions that supported this programme. [DA][NL][EN][FI][FR][DE][EL][IT][PT][ES][SV]

EVS: Information page
Dedicated to the programme, this site includes information about volunteering in Europe and contact details of former participants and other applicants. Reach them in a direct forum or by searching the comprehensive address list. A partial version available in English.

EVS: Practical information
Learn more about the European Voluntary Service project from the Youth in Action Programme: descriptions of the projects, who can apply and how to do so. [EN]

National agencies
Wondering whom you should contact? Find the contact details of your National Agency for the Youth Programme. [EN]

The European database on EVS accredited organizations
Each organisation is presented through a short description, its motivation and EVS experience, the themes of work and contact details. It also informs if the organisation offers possibilities for young people with fewer opportunities. [EN]

Other opportunities

Association of Voluntary Service Organizations
Information on all member bodies dealing with voluntary service programmes in Europe. [EN]

Charities for international exchange
International organisation with work camps in Germany, Latin America and Switzerland. General information about programmes and advice on what to expect from a work camp. Limited information available in English. [DE]

Organization helping to arrange and support work camps in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Information about work camps, and advice on what to expect and how to prepare. [FR]

Creative Corners: new agency for creative volunteering
Through this site, volunteers with creative skills (from any country) can apply for projects in South and Central America. [EN][ES]

Cross-Cultural Organisation
Independent, non-profit organisation coordinating volunteer programmes in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Peru, Russia, Tanzania and Thailand. [EN]

European Volunteer Centre
European umbrella organisation of National and Regional Volunteer Centres across Europe, which promotes volunteering Europe wide. It provides information on developments within the EU. [EN][FR]
This site is built around the experiences of young volunteers from all over Europe. It gives tips on tackling environmental problems, improving quality of life, contacting others and sharing ideas. Anyone can participate by posting questions, comments or ideas. [EN]
Look here to create the perfect gap year programme. Behind it, there is a young, dynamic, specialist team of committed professionals with relevant management expertise and a thorough understanding of business and the volunteering sector. The projects they offer could be based on adventure and activity, arts and heritage, leisure and lifestyle, wildlife and safaris. It is up to you to choose what suits you best! [EN]

Global Volunteer Network
Apply online for volunteer positions in China, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, Romania, Russia, Thailand and Uganda. [EN]

A reference site for planning your gap year, with tips on staying safe. Practical advice and articles on voluntary work, paid work and gap-year travels in general. [EN]

International Cultural Youth Exchange
Non-profit, international youth organisation coordinating youth exchange and voluntary service programmes in 34 countries worldwide. Volunteer placements are usually in social work, education, youth work, health education and environmental work. Site has a searchable database of placements. [EN]

International Volunteer Programs Association
Search for opportunities online and read the practical general information and advice on volunteering. Subscribe to the newsletter (one every two months). [EN]

International Voluntary Service
Join a summer camp in Europe, North America or North Africa, and meet people from all over the world. Activities include peace camps and anti-racism work. Short-, medium- and long-term opportunities. Only people aged over 18 can apply. [EN]

International Youth Community Services
Find out about short-term international work camps in Germany and Europe, and longer ones in Africa, South Asia and Latin America. Information on different projects and programmes, advice on how to apply and prepare. Limited information available in English. [DE]

One World Action
This organisation is working for a world free from poverty and oppression. Visit the website to see the latest opportunities for prospective volunteers. The newsletters are available in pdf format. [EN]

Opportunities for voluntary work in human rights, the environment and sustainable development. Register to receive the latest vacancies by email. [EN]

Online Volunteering Service
This site is for volunteers who want to get involved in a development project without leaving home, and for organisations looking for online volunteers around the world. Here you will find translated documents, articles, data and projects for helping people and communities in the developing world. [EN][FR][ES]

Pro International
German organisation for international work camps around the world. Learn more about its projects. Includes an application form and contact details of previous participants. Some information is available in English (a programme in pdf). [DE]

Service Civil International
Voluntary short- and long-term projects worldwide, information on organisations dealing with them, and many useful links and documents. Subscribe to email lists for the programmes that interest you. [EN]

Toolkit: Measuring volunteering
A resource that helps countries take stock of volunteer resources at national, regional and local level. The kit is available in English, French, Spanish and Korean. [EN]

United Nations Volunteers
An open door to opportunities with UN Volunteers and like-minded organisations around the world. Learn more about your volunteer options and how to apply. Read about the experiences of former volunteers. [EN]

Voluntary Worker
Site to help you find information and advice on voluntary work all over the world – at any age. [EN]

Volunteer Abroad
Interested in volunteering? All you need to know about volunteering including how to get started. Links to many other sites with useful information. [EN]

An independent organisation offering volunteering opportunities around the world. Visit the volunteer section of the website for details, fill in the online application form or read volunteers’ stories. [EN][FR]

Volunteers for Peace
Find out about international work camps in 80 countries. Services include a consultation and placement service for work camp hosts and volunteers, linking people with suitable programmes. FAQs, a work camp directory and advice for volunteers. [EN]

World volunteers
A resource for students or people with no previous experience who are interested in volunteering in a developing country for an interesting vacation or unique gap year. Useful guides list hundred of projects throughout the world in different fields. The choice ranges from archaeological, heritage conservation and green projects to humanitarian work camps. [EN][FR][IT]

Worldwide Experience
Looking for the most amazing gap year, summer break or sabbatical opportunities on offer? This organisation is specialised in conservation placements in Africa. Its programmes run from 2 weeks to 3 months and are located in amazing countries like South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Scotland and Sri Lanka. Placement types include conservation on land and at sea, plus various teaching and community projects. [EN]

Worldwide volunteer abroad
Looking to volunteer abroad in your gap year? This site will help you find a programme (and accommodation) in China, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Thailand or Vietnam. [EN]

Worldwide volunteer directory
A directory of current volunteering opportunities in different countries. [EN]

Youth Action for Peace
International exchanges of volunteers into non-profit initiatives, and links to international youth organisations. [EN]

Youth Challenge International
Looking for a challenge? Here you can join one of the adventurous projects combining community development, health work and environmental research carried out by teams of volunteers aged 18-30. [EN]


[Source: European Youth Portal]