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Are you aware of what it takes to go abroad? Do you actually know what opportunities are available at the European level?

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Your project is on-the-go and some more sources of information are always helpful in order go for the extra mile and take the best of it. Have a look at the resources available and don't forget to contact your scout association international team for more information and support.

Study, Work, Volunteering

Whether you are visiting a country, moving there for a couple of months (to study, work or volunteer), or living there already, a number of resources will show you where to start to find the information you need.

Where to go

Eager to travel but don’t know where to start? The following pages will help you learn more about this patchwork continent and beyond and explain you the best way to get there. Information on all the practicalities you need to be aware on a number of destinations is provided.

Tell the story

Had an amazing experience and thinking on how to share it? Some things you never though about may help other better preparing to go abroad? Contribute to our travel diary, everybody will want to read it.

On the pages below you'll find several links to a number of pages that can provide useful information on the topics. If you are aware of a good resource that could be shared, please let us know.

Study, Work, Volunteering

Where to go

Tell the story