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A number of events on Rovering are planned or support by the European Scout Region. Find what are the most suitable events for you and start preparing by finding the information on scope, programmes, participation criteria, and so on. Engage and participate on the preparation, share the message with your peers, and send us your feedback. Make these events your event and contribute to the growth and quality of Rovering in Europe.

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RoverNet and VentureNet 2014

The 5th edition of RoverNet is taking place in Iceland, 18-21 September 2014.

AGORA 2014

Agora 2014 will take place in Strasbourg, 23-27 April 2014, in Strasbourg - France. This year edition theme will be "Participation +".

RoverWay 2012

The main event of Roverway 2012 took place in Finland 20-28.7.2012. A 9 day long programme event that included two main parts: Path and Camp.

RoverWay 2016

Roverway is a joint European WAGGGS and WOSM event for 16 – 22 year old Rover Scouts and Rangers from all over the world.

MOOT 2017

The15th World Scout Moot will be in Iceland from July 25th to August 2nd 2017. The moot will bring up to 5000 young adults 18-26 years old.

RoverNet 2013

RoverNet, being at its 4th edition and following a long series of European initiatives defined for this age section (rovernet.eu, RoCoReKi, Roverway, Agora, ESVP, etc.) will try to build on existing projects and programme frameworks.

AGORA 2013

“Now you may ask, what came out of Agora, what did we learn as participants?”, says Jésus, from the Federación de Asociaciones de Scouts de España, and gives the reply himself: “Well, let me tell you a few of the most important things that came out of it. After experiencing Agora, we were able to come home with great resources for Rover Scouting in our own countries. Resources to make Rover Scouting better in our own associations and resources that will be very useful in our day-to-day lives as Rovers.”

AGORA 2012

The Inter-Regional Agora… Switzerland, lots of Rovers from over 20 countries, lots of fun, many different cultures and customs… In 3 words: a wonderful experience! What makes it even better is that we’re going to talk and learn from one another, we’ll discuss about organizing activities for Rovers in our NSAs, promoting them…