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IS – Ulfljotsvatn Scout Centre


Bandalag Islenskra Skata


Ulfljotsvatn 801 Selfoss Iceland
Phone: (+354) 48 22 674
Email:  ulfljotsvatn@skatar.is
Website: http://www.ulfljotsvatn.is


The Ulfljotsvatn Scout Center is about 40 km from the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavík. Since last year the land belongs to Ulfljotsvatn Scout Centre (owned by the Icelandic boy and Girls scout association and the Reykjavik scout Association) and the Icelandic Forestry Association. Before that the Scouts rented the land and have been here for over 60 years. Ulfljotsvatn has been for decades the center for outdoors activities, leader training and summer camp for scouts and guides in Iceland. Buildings at Ulfljotsvatn are on two sites, originally made for boy scouts on one site and girl scouts the other site. Today boys and girls use both sites but we keep the old names as a reminder. Good facilities: DSU (Boy scouts area) is closer to the lake, but KSU (Girl guides area) are further from the lake, closer to the mountain. The huts have rooms with 2-8 beds. Facilities are good for, meetings, small conventions, cooking and dinging in both areas. The nature is beautiful and outdoor activities are many with nature trail, adventure trail and water safari. Thousands of trees have been planted near the center in the last 25 years. There is a climbing and abseiling tower in the DSU area. Fishing is good in the lake and canoes, kayaks and rowing boats are available. During the summer the campsite is very popular, specially during weekends and there is a campsite shop. There are summer camps for children where they get to experience scouting in one week. There is also an increase in foreign groups coming to visit Iceland during the summer. During spring and autumn we have school groups visting us as well as other groups that either just rent houses or come for teambuilding activities or other programme.


The Scout centre has 3 full time employees all year around. General director, Programme director and a maintenance man. We would like to have volunteers to help us run the centre. During summer the main tasks are running programme for groups, both scout groups and also for the kids that attend to our summer camp which is open to everyone. Along the programme we need help with the campsite which is open to public as well as cleaning and general maintaining of the centre. During lower seasons autumn and spring the volunteers are doing just about the same but there will not be as many groups as during the summertime. During spring and autumn we are have some school groups and groups for teambuilding but there are also gaps in between where we are not serving any people but focusing on building up the centre.


Elin Esther Magnusdottir
Ulfljotsvatn 801 Selfoss Iceland
Phone : (+354) 694 7614
Email : elin@skatar.is