European Scout Voluntary Programme

The European Scout Voluntary Programme (ESVP), is open to all young people aged between 18 and 30 who are members of any recognised WOSM member organisation. This programme is supported by the United States Fund for International Scouting (USFIS).

Throughout this page, you’ll access the initial information about the participating centres. However, it is then up to you to contact the sites for more specific information, and then to complete the relevant application process for the chosen site.

All participants from the European Scout Region and from Boy Scouts of America are eligible to receive travel support for taking part in ESVP.

Take also in consideration the criteria for enrolling in the ESVP programme:
• the scheme is confined to participants coming from countries within the European Scout Region or to participants from the Boy Scouts of America.
• each European participant will benefit from a fixed amount of Eur as support for her/his travel to the centre (calculated annually depending on the number of applicants). Normal allocation is 100 Eur.
• the sum for reimbursements will be sent to the centre, the latest by 31 July. It is the responsibility of the centre to distribute support to its staff.
• there will be no need for copies of the travel documents for the European participants.
• members of Boy Scouts of America (with whom the European Region has a special agreement) will continue to receive a rebate of travel costs based on a percentage of their travel costs – effected through the centre (with a deadline of 31 July).
BSA members will have to provide copies of their travel documents, ensuring that the price is in it.
• there is only one form to be filled and this will be done by the Centre.
• the deadline for the centres to confirm their participants filling the form is 15 June.
• If you are a centre manager, want to submit a volunteer and don’t have the link to the form, please contact Raül Molina from the Europe Support Centre, Geneva.

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