P.O.Box 327, Rue Henri-Christiné 5
CH-1211 Geneva 4

Tel: +41 22 705 1100
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Participant’s profile
•    Participant profile: willing to talk about personal experiences and have a knowledge of how Rovers operate in their own countries
•    Participants should be members of the last age section (aged 16-24) and be enthusiastic, motivated, open to new ideas and willing to share their own experiences.
•    Agora being held in English, the participants will be expected to understand and communicate well in English.
•    NSAs are encouraged to ensure that their delegations are as diverse as possible (gender, geographical or economic background)
•    The main goal of an agora is to empower its participants. In order to appreciate the full potential of Agora, the representatives should not have too much prior experience in adult roles within their NSO/NSAs or in international work.
•    Once accepted, the NSA should provide them with sufficient knowledge of the Rover Programme in their own country.
•    Each NSA should consider the best ways in which the experience accumulated during the event could be used for the benefit of the programme for the Rover section in the country


Aware that each National Scout Association has different names for the different age sections; for the purpose of this event we will define Rovers as being members of the last age section (aged 16-24). Be convinced that if your NSA is in the process of creating a Rover Programme, the Agora remains an interesting opportunity for these Scouts who will soon be called Rovers!


Number of participants
This event is designed to accept up to 60 participants. We invite maximum two rovers from your NSA (or four if your NSA is one of the event’s promoters). The acceptance letters will be sent to the participants after the 15th of March 2014. By then, more information will be sent.

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